Stories of Detransition from YouTube

Genspect’s Detrans Webinar
I’m Detransitioning (FTMTF)
My Detransition: How it happened
Detransition: My story, and what I wish I knew
Masquerading As A Woman
Trans Bruh is a Youtube channel run by Mars, a transsexual man. In this interview Mars interviews Helena, a detransitioned woman.
Interview by Benjamin Boyce with desisted woman Chiara. From his interview series Gender, Sexuality and Transition .
Elle Palmer began transitioning at 15 years old. She discusses her experiences with transitioning as a teen and her decision to detransition at 20 years old.
In one of the earlist vlogs about detransition on Youtube, Cari Stella discusses why she chose to detransition.

Personal vlog by a detransitioning man.
Personal story by placeswebreathe about her transition and detransition.
Podcast interview with Carol, a lesbian woman who detransitioned at 38 years old.
Erin Brewer interviews a detransitioned butch lesbian about her experiences with transition and detransition.