Affirmations In Detransition

The experiences of gender questioning, detransitioning, and desisting people are diverse. Our reasons for transitioning and detransitioning are likewise diverse. Many of us struggle and have been hurt in various ways through transition and detransition. Some of us have discovered that our desire to transition was rooted in a desire to change ourselves as a response to past trauma. Some of us experience grief, and regret the changes to our bodies and lives due to transition or detransition. Others of us do not.

We have collected some words of affirmation and grounding for those of us who need them. Some of these affirmations may resonate more than others. Take these as words of encouragement from fellow detransitioners and desisters, and use the ones that work for you.

Affirmations In Detransition

I never consciously meant to hurt myself through gender transition. Actions I have taken with unconscious and self-protective motives do not make me bad or a less worthwhile person.

I can imagine myself loving and caring for my body.

I know who I am and what I have experienced. Other people’s projections or opinions of me don’t change who I am.

My scars are signs of my resilience and my ability to heal and recover from trauma.

Detransitioning has been a rebirth through fire. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve done in my life but I’m glad everyday that I did it.

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