Gender Care Consumer Advocacy Network (GCCAN)


Description: From their website: “The Gender Care Consumer Advocacy Network (GCCAN), founded in late 2019, seeks to empower recipients of gender transition-related care to become healthy and whole. It aims to do this by developing a database of resources for consumers to better inform their decisions, establishing a network of support groups where members can explore their options and experiences, and forming a meetup in the spring of 2020 to connect directly with consumers in the community. GCCAN is comprised of consumers of gender care services from a variety of backgrounds, including both transgender and detransitioned people, so as to advocate for better health care outcomes for all.”

GCCAN is compiling a database of medical information, legal resources, detransition, peer-developed resources relevant to gender care consumers. You can find their list of resources here:

Gender Dysphoria Alliance


Description: From their website: “Gender Dysphoria Alliance (GDA) was formed in 2021 as a small group of community members who are concerned about the direction that gender medicine and activism has taken. We’ve created this platform to give others who share our concerns a place to learn, network, teach, and tell their own stories. Our network is quickly growing and partnering with other similar groups and individuals around the world.”



Description: From their website: “Genspect is an international alliance of professional groups, parents, trans people, detransitioners, and others who advocate for a better model of care than the current “affirmative” approach. Uniting 19 different organisations in 17 countries, we don’t just speak for a few: we speak for thousands.”

LGB Alliance USA


Description: From their website: “LGB Alliance USA is dedicated to protecting and advancing the rights of lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals. We are part of an international movement confronting a new wave of homophobia that—just like the old one—tries to tell us our same-sex attraction is wrong. We advocate for LGB people to live free from discrimination or disadvantage on the basis of their sexual orientation, while amplifying the voices of lesbians by highlighting the dual discrimination they experience as women in a male-dominated society. We aim to protect gender-nonconforming children from unscientific ideologies and bodily harm, and to promote freedom of speech through informed dialogue.”

Rethink Identify Medicine Ethics (ReIME)


Description: From their website: “ReIME is a non-profit education and research organization dedicated to improving ethical long term care and treatment for gender non-conforming children and youth.”

Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEGM)


Description: From their website: “We are an international group of over 100 clinicians and researchers concerned about the lack of quality evidence for the use of hormonal and surgical interventions as first-line treatment for young people with gender dysphoria. We represent expertise from a range of clinical disciplines.

Our objectives include evaluating current interventions for gender dysphoria, providing balanced evidence summaries, promoting the development of effective and supportive psychosocial approaches for the care of young people with gender dysphoria and generating good, answerable questions for research.”

Stats For Gender


Description: From their website: “The absence of a single, easy-to-use portal for statistics and facts about gender has hindered parents and professionals alike. That’s why Genspect created Stats For Gender.

We believe that the public has a right to reliable data, intuitively categorized, and phrased in simple, jargon-free terms. We want those who are questioning their gender to have full access to the facts. And we want their families, friends and loved ones to be able to see the bigger picture.”