Who We Are

Mission Statement 

Detrans Voices is a community resource created for, by, and about people who have detransitioned and/or desisted from transgender self-identification.  We are dedicated to raising awareness and improving the well-being of detransitioned and desisted people.

Our goals are:

  1. To provide a platform for detransitioning and desisting individuals to share their valuable stories and experiences with each other.
  2. To provide a directory of resources geared towards detransition and desistance.

About Us

Detrans Voices is led by two desisted women and one detransitioned woman. As a community, we saw a need for a website that could offer support and information to men and women wishing to detransition or desist. We hope that Detrans Voices can be a platform for detransitioners and desisters to share their stories and experiences. We believe that detransitioners and desisters are amazing and resilient individuals with valuable knowledge and insight that deserves to be shared.

Detrans Voices supports the right of all people, including transgender, detransitioned, desisted, gender-dysphoric, and gender-questioning people, to live lives free from discrimination and oppression. We believe that sharing the stories of detransitioners and desisters will benefit our society by helping to lift the social stigma against detransition and helping people who are going through this experience to feel less alone.

Our individual beliefs and perspectives range on the political spectrum from centrist to left-wing.  We feel that it is important to show stories representing a wide variety of viewpoints, and so we plan to accept story submissions even if we as individuals disagree with some of the content or expressed views of the storyteller.  As a result, the content that we present from submitted stories does not necessarily represent our values as individuals or as a group.  

Detrans Voices has been built by various detransitioned and desisted women along the way.  Some have left the project to pursue other interests, as others have come in to lend their unique talents and perspectives. We owe our success to all the women who have lent their time and knowledge to this project. Read our disclaimer here.